See me at work by viewing the clip below ...thank you to James Stevens at Eternal Images for creating this for me. 

Weddings Portraits & Events West Midlands.

​So, first and foremost ..thank you for taking the time to visit my website... and as unflattering as it is, this is my best view (left) .. Believe it or not, I am actually quite a shy guy.. 
This is rather a bit weird. Writing about myself to total strangers , so here goes. I have always like taking photographs, ever since I used to waste the film on my dads old Kodak camera. This developed again in my 20's with the age of digital photography and Ive gradually honed my passion and excitement to the point where it was time to do this on a full time basis and whilst some people hate the thought of being a wedding photographer, I love weddings and I am unashamedly proud of what I do and the service I provide.
Now, about us: Our passion is showing enthusiasm through the lens and ensuring your wedding day images keep you smiling whenever you view the photographs with friends & family. 

So i get told that photography is easy, to a degree they are correct however would you be able to organise and direct upwards of 100 people to do what you want them to do ? Would you have the creativity to keep people "entertained"? And thats before I've even pressed a button...Still easy ?
..We are not conventional .. We like to have fun - wedding photography on a see-saw or a golf buggy ...that works for us... however we can cater for the traditional with as much enthusiasm and excitement...
So now you know a little more about us .. please, please enjoy your visit around the website .. and also, why you are here .. have a click on my social media sites ..lets be friends 
*special thanks to my assistant Jo for the photo